About Kelsey

Kelsey Gordon is currently a masters candidate in history at Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in History/Political Science from Indiana University-Kokomo, and minored in Communication Arts. Her primary area of study is the interpretation of American popular culture during the “Atomic Age” (1945-1965), and is complementing this with a study of Soviet popular culture during the same era.

Her master’s project will examine how civil defense images were interpreted by the American public, and how themes found within these modes of communication either reflected or contradicted national trends of Cold War influence. Using digital tools, she hopes to analyze textual, spacial, and numerical data to help provide new insight to this aspect of American culture.

Outside of her studies, Kelsey is an avid supporter of women’s rights, LGBTQA+ equality, and awareness for mental illness health and rehabilitation. She also volunteers as an editor for Ball State’s Burkhardt Review, a student run scholarly journal that focuses on the publication of graduate level writing.

For any questions or comments feel free to email her at: