The End as the Beginning

Well…. My project is done. For this class anyway. No, it’s not exactly where I think it could be, but it was an amazing experience and I am incredibly proud of what I accomplished. I’ve done more in 16 weeks than I thought wad going to be possible. And I ultimately did what I set out to do.

However, the most important part of all of this is my new found passion for what I’m studying. My roommate called her’s a eureka moment, and I want to echo that. That feeling of seeing an end. But most importantly having a new drive and appreciation for what it is Im studying. And my is it beautiful.

There are many peoole I wish to thank, but most importantly I wish to thank my parents. I’m a first generation graduate competing in a masters program because of their love and motivation. And I owe them more than just the words “thank you”.

For those of you connected to BSU’s VPN you can check out my finished project on the digital history portal. For everyone else, please follow me on Twitter at @kngblogger.

This won’t be my last post… stay tuned for more to come!!

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