Storming the Gates


An image from my ArcGIS map that will become a part of my semester project. Each dot represents a case study of what the United States government considered to be the “perfect” fallout shelter.  Notice the wind patterns. The darker the pattern, the more dangerous fallout conditions were predicted to be. Why is there no “example” for a shelter in the North West, an area ultimately closer to Russia than the rest of the country?

Where I am Now

There is a light at the end of this tunnel with this project. While it still does seem very far off, I can at least see it now. As it stands I only have a few loose ends to tie up in regards to my data and finalizing all of that. Other than those small things, the only major part of this project that remains is importing my narrative text blocks and uploading the actual website itself into the world of the Internet for everyone to see and judge. As daunting as this seems to me, I’m ready for it.

By no means has this project been easy. There was a lot of information that I had to unpack, repack, write, and rewrite. There was a lot that I had planned that had to ultimately be scrapped because I either didn’t have the time I thought I would or because the project itself didn’t go in the direction that I originally intended. Overall, however, I am pleased with what I have accomplished.


Current Problems

Formatting is my biggest problem. I feel as though my website is a bit bland and vague, which that might 100% be my own bias, but I feel like a lot more could be added to it. There is also a lot that I have to do as far as adding images and such that are a part of the Voyant and Cinemetrics work that I need to place within the coding. Which reminds me…

Coding has been the bane of my existence. As a historian, never did I think that coding would ever be something that I intended, or would ever, do. I honestly cannot say how thankful I am for people who do this for a living so that I don’t have to. As well, I cannot thank those in my cohort enough for the help and support that they have given me when it comes to this issue. Even if was just to hear me complain.

In the end though… I figured it out. And, for the most part, I am confident with what I am doing in regards to manipulating code. Certainly not enough to create a whole webpage from scratch… But enough to at least know that I am looking at, and working with, code and what to do to change certain things.


Looking to the Future

As I stated in the beginning of this entire adventure, this is merely the beginning. My creative project, the end project that will ultimately determine whether or not I am worthy of receiving a Master’s degree, will be a continuation of this. THIS is what excites me the most. As frustrated as I am at this point with all the things that have gone wrong, I am thankful for the opportunity to learn them now and begin to move forward with what I have to do for this much larger project. December 2018 is coming up fast, but I am ready.

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