Locating the Bunker


Like the young couple who honeymooned in the fallout shelter, postwar Americans set their sights on the affluent and protected home as the location of their own personal pursuit of happiness.

Elaine Tyler May

“Cold War, Warm Hearth”

Where I Am With The Project

I have made significant progress with the work that I have done in terms of this project. In the past month I have read through and analyzed the majority of my secondary sources, transcribed all but one of my videos, and have begun to insert my information into tools and maps that I plan to use to finalize this project. There have been some snags, as with most historical research projects, but I am still quite pleased with the work that I have accomplished and looking forward to the outcome.

Overall, these snags that I have mentioned are general questions that I have yet to really been able to answer. The map portion of my project seems to be giving me more trouble than what I initially thoughts, and I hope I will be able to find a solution to this soon. My main concern is with providing an interactive display of the information, whether that be images or a new layout for the map. Coming down to the end of the semester always makes me nervous when my projects are only half empty.

Other than that, the feedback I have gotten so far, especially after Thursday night’s presentations during seminar, have all been positive. The questions I received were more regarding clarification and inquiring about other information that I had left out of the presentation itself. Ultimately this assures me that my information and research is clear and easy to follow.

Reflecting back on actually giving the presentation, I am pleased with the fact that I was able to speak clearly and articulate what I have accomplished so far. As someone who has always struggled with giving presentations, it felt good to know that I did as well as I did and was able to present in a way that not only flowed well for the class to understand but also made myself proud.

Other Research News

As we get closer to the end of the semester, it both terrifies me and thrills me to be where I am in regards to this project. I do wish that I was further along, but the amount that I have gotten done at this point does make me proud of myself. I am still moving forward with trying to sort out the information for the fallout shelters which is my primary focus aside from finishing the secondary research as the holiday weekend gets closer.

Knowing that this is a staple in what will be my creative project, which I will complete to get my Master’s degree in December of next year, also makes me excited. I feel like working on this project has given me clear direction about where I would like to go with my final project. Also, it has furthered my interest in this subject and time era.

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